Black Girl, Cry

17 Oct

I’ve started this blog with a sincere effort to open the dialog for black women to start discussing mental health, and in particular the issues surrounding depression.  On the cusp of the release of the movie For Colored Girls (adapted from the chorepoem For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf by Ntozake Shange which tackles such issues as abortion, domestic violence, love, and abandonment) I feel it considerably appropriate to roll out this new forum for discussion. I believe all the things that black women are known for, we are mothers of the earth, and we are the most beautiful creatures ever created.

I believe that whole-heartedly, but I want to be instrumental in the stand against becoming another “silent generation.”  We need to talk about it. Why not now? Its affecting our community in numbers we’ll never accurately know because we don’t report it. Is it that we can’t get help? Or, is it that we aren’t reaching out for it?

My hope is that by opening a forum to discuss our experiences we can start the road to healing. Those who have suffered can reach out to those who currently struggle. Those who struggle can find help, and those who don’t struggle can take preventative measures to stay well.

I love my sisters.  We are regal. We cannot rule if we cannot function.  Let us live well, and let us live happily.


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