No Exception to the Rule

18 Oct

Often times we think that if only we had more money, more time, more more more that we would just feel better about our selves. Or sometimes its less. Less problems, less debt, less body fat, etc. The problem with that pattern of that is that it assumes we are not presently enough.  In our culture celebrities are often idolized for their bodies, hair, make up, fame, and style. We treat our favorite actors and actresses, singers and atheletes like members of our extended families and hold them to high expectations and standards. The truth of the matter is, that spotlight doesn’t alleviate any problems. They fall prey to the same faulty thinking that we do.

Half of us is a website started by MTVu and the Jed foundation aimed at bringing awareness to mental health issues for the younger adult. Most of the material can be useful for anybody, though.  HERE is a video series of R&B superstar Mary J. Blige talking about her bout with depression, self-hate, and suicide.

No one is exempt,  but we can all work to prevent.


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