26 Oct

From the book, “I’m not my fault,” I offer you this small survey to see how and if you have compromised yourself.  The author writes:

In an effort to understand how you have compromised or abandoned yourself, complete the following phrases:

For the sake of……   I had to, or had to be…….

  • being or feeling accepted _____________
  • feeling part of (belonging) _____________
  • feeling cared about or loved _____________
  • feeling secure _____________
  • feeling free _____________
  • feeling worthy _____________
  • having fun _____________
  • companionship _____________
  • being liked _____________
  • feeling approval _____________
  • material security _____________
  • trusting or being trusted _____________
  • emotional security _____________
  • deserving pleasure _____________
  • having intimacy _____________

The more I compromise myself, the lower my self-esteem is.  So, if I had to give up my human rights for the sake of getting my basic needs met, I could not gain self-respect or self-esteem.  Your answers to the above questions will show you the areas where you compromised yourself, preventing a healthy sense of self, self-respect, or self-esteem.  Fill in the blanks again regarding your current situations, asking yourself  “For the sake of …” I have to…” This will help your to recognize areas where you continue to compromise yourself.

(From the book I’m not my fault by Don Haury)


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