Hitting Snooze

27 Oct

I got a lot of feedback yesterday on the light skin|dark skin post, and sadly it seems that this topic of discussion is still relevant. I don’t bring up these topics to beat a dead horse, or continue the debate, I bring them up to say, ENOUGH! WAKE UP! Enter the motivation behind today’s post, Spike Lee’s School Daze.  Was this movie meant to be infinitely socially relevant? I wouldn’t think so.  Good hair vs. Bad hair, light vs. dark, autonomy vs. belonging, social responsibility vs. personal responsibility…all these themes that are present in the movie, they were meant to expire right?

Weigh in, do you think that Spike Lee knew that we wouldn’t be much further along 20 years later? Why have we not listened to those famous last pleas to WAKE UP? Why do we, black people, keep hitting snooze?


One Response to “Hitting Snooze”

  1. Artieka October 27, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    Because your new devil could be self-actualization. Then what would people use to set themselves apart? Some people can’t just feel that there is an equal playing field, they have to make themselves better or at least different.

    I’m interested to see how he would portray the youth (college age) now.

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