Thick vs. Fat, where’s the line?

1 Nov

Is it true that how you look on the outside is reflective of how you feel on the inside? Someone like Star Jones might agree with that statement. Last April she was on Oprah discussing her now famous weight loss and Star said she was ashamed at not being able to lose the weight by diet and exercise and being a slave to food. She said that she had to mental and emotionally get thin in addition to physically. Of course she had the gastric bypass surgery but we all know that getting a smaller stomach won’t necessarily take away your desire to eat and over eat. Nor will it make you healthier, persay.  Its apart of a lifestyle change. She was pretending to be happy and joyful and jovial but literally she was depressed and dying on the inside because she felt trapped in a body that limited her. She felt as though she was not herself and it wasn’t until her doctor said either change or die, that she fixed things.

Is adopting this word “thick” into the Black woman vocabulary hindering us from fully understanding what’s really going on with our bodies?? Culturally, more weight is not exactly shunned, in fact if its gained in the right places (i.e. breasts, hips, thighs) then bigger proportions are welcomed.

This year, superstar Jennifer Hudson made headlines dropping down to a size 6

I hate that this picture had to be the “before” picture because its obviously unflattering, but was she “fat” before? Or was she “thick” or whats the difference?  She, of course, will claim that now do to weight watchers she is healthier and things of that nature, but we all know that thin doesn’t equal healthy.  I think, I agree with Star. Regardless of whether you lose the weight or not, if you’re still unhealthy mentally, the way you treat yourself will reflect that.

What do you think? Is thick better than thin? Is thin better than thick? Or is it just about the weight you are when you feel the best?


2 Responses to “Thick vs. Fat, where’s the line?”

  1. Alvin Newsome November 1, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    I think beauty & health are in the eye of the beholder. I feel like as long as your healthy you’re fine. A lot of the women in my family are large so to me when I see you chicks who are size 9 & 10 that’s not large. Its all about how you care your weight & self.

  2. obafemio December 19, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    your chosen picture is called “obese black woman”… she is NOT obese. these small details are killing us.

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