Breaking the Silence

10 Nov

Black women talk ALL THE TIME…but black women sure don’t say much.  We will sit and rot with worry, anxiety, stress, and baggage. Why is it so hard to say what we feel?  Even among the comfort of other black women?

If in fact we feel that as black women we are held to a different standard; a standard of being strong, being independent, being productive and persistent, it seems that in the company of other women who know and understand that pressure we should be comfortable, right? WRONG! We still aren’t talking.  There are many women who even come to this blog and read the posts identifying with them, having a testimony and then keep it to themselves.  YOU are not helping.  It is not enough to just be aware of the problem, we must now work towards solving it, and then breaking the cycle.

I say this because I can already see it beginning in the youth.  Young girls have begun to ingest their feelings and repress them hoping they just go away, then they get to somewhere like college and just completely fall apart.  Mothers, talk to your daughters.  Be honest with her, open the door to dialogue.  Confide in your friends (and if you have friends you can’t confide in-GET NEW ONES), and share stores of hurt, of loss, of disappointment and begin to heal those wounds. A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t talk about it then you are most certainly not over it.

Once you are truly over something that hurt you, it has no power over you and you can discuss it as easy as the weather.  Learning how to overcome those obstacles only comes from dealing with them.  So, what are you waiting for?


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