P____ Power

11 Nov

Celeb Blogger Necole Bitchie asked, “Do women lose their power once they give up the goods?”  My response to this was, “No, because that is assuming that my ‘goods’ are the only thing that give me power.”  It got me to thinking about portrayal of Black women in media.  Often we are the overly aggressive sexual types of women.  Even in a business suit, must be we act like video “models”?

  • Gabrielle Union as “Connie” in  Two can play that game
  • Nia Long as “Jordan” in The Best Man
  • Vanessa Williams as “Renee” on Desperate Housewives

Not to mention 90% of the programming on VH1 depicts the same type of black woman.  If Black women are oversexed aggressors what are white women? Damsels in distress?  Furthermore, is life imitating art or is art imitating life?  At this point does it even matter?

If your daughters/nieces/sisters/cousins were acting the way that the women on tv act, would you be okay with it?  Since when does one part of me define me? Not only that, but a part of me that every single woman on the face of the earth has? That doesn’t make me feel very original or special.  I’d love to blame it on a man for selling women the magic bean stating that our power lie solely between our legs, but I’m not sure it was a man.  Perhaps it was a woman, feeling defeated because of the disregard of her intellect, the degradation of her ferocity, and the condemnation of her voice who decided that she would use the one thing men don’t have-can’t have to use against him.  By owning one’s sexuality, have you become empowered?

Are you in control if you have to use your body or your sexuality for gain?  Is it the same as using your charm or your knowledge?  By neutralizing the power of the p____, are we reclaiming it as a *part* of us rather than the summation of us?  Or is there truly power in it?  Is our sexuality the embodiment of wonder, perfect accomplice to man’s want to discover and know?

What are your thoughts on the notion of p____ power?


One Response to “P____ Power”

  1. Brownbelle November 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    There’s a fine line. I’m all for people owning their sexuality, but I also believe that everyone’s body is sacred. Thus, sex is a spiritual act and while some of us can keep ourselves from making that connection, the more often you toe that line the weaker your defenses become. So eventually, you’re going to catch feelings for somebody and there will consequences. See this post for more: http://maybesomaybeno.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/sense-and-sexuality

    It’s not smart or safe to be sleeping with folks you don’t even know. If you start dating a guy you’ve been acquainted with for a while and a few weeks later you’re ready to the deed, that’s fine. But I don’t think it’s ever okay to take home a stranger and hook up with them–the physical and emotional risks are just too great.

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