Living Full

16 Nov

You know how you can grow up hearing something, but you just don’t get it until you get it? “If you live like you’re starving you’ll always be hungry, but if you live like you’re full you’ll always have enough,” was one of those things.  Cognitively understanding it is one thing, internalizing it is quite another.

So, what does it mean? It means that if you currently lack in something (food, money, love, etc) and you crave it as one does when they are starving, when you receive it you consume it until depletion.  The want of the thing you lacked quite literally consumed you, and upon receipt, you were not able to ration it because of the hunger the lack and acquired for it.  This is how the starving remain hungry.  In the same sense, those that live as if they are full feel as though they have not only what they need, but are in surplus, do not want because they have more than enough.

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. ~Lao Tzu

Which way do you currently live ?

Most of us live hungry.   Craving the next pay check, the next good man/woman, the next big promotion, our value lies in the want and so we are invested in what we lack.  A handful of us live full.  Realizing that while yes, the next paycheck will be nice, our bills are paid and we even went out with friends this month.  They see that they may be single, but they are exploring the different facets of themselves, and trying new things and if it attracts a mate, then they’re open to the possibilities.  They know that while promotion may be on the horizon, doing the best job in the position they currently hold is what will get them there.  Their value lies in the have, and so they are invested in what they presently possess.  Seemingly, living full is nothing more than acknowledgement, appreciation, and acceptance.  Living full is not “what if” “what could be” “what should be” or “what might have been,” it is instead a very simple, “what is.”  We cannot change those things outside of ourselves.  We cannot will our paycheck to come faster, or our promotion to happen sooner.  Living full is about focusing on what is possible: we can budget accordingly so we are not starving for our next, and we can work hard so that a promotion is more likely.

Why is it so hard to live full?

Somebody somewhere started the rumor that the pursuit of happiness was an actual physical pursuit.  So, we set out in search of this happiness that is rightfully ours.   We have to have it. Whatever it is, if its newer, stronger, faster, better, we want it. We want the most expensive, the most exclusive, the rarest, because in it may lie our joy.

As people spin faster and faster in the pursuit of merely personal happiness, they become exhausted in the futile effort of chasing themselves.  ~Andrew Delbanco

How can you live full?

  1. Acknowledge the things that you have.
  2. Appreciate the things that you have.
  3. Accept that the things that you have are all the things that you need.

Stop chasing, stop searching, everything you’ll ever need to find happiness you’ve come fully equipped with.  You are full of the treasure you covet the most!  When you begin to believe it, that you are full, you will so find little room for the hunger.  Knowing the person you are, the traits and skills you posses, your beauty and your worth are paramount.  If you don’t know who you are, you cannot appraise your worth.  Get to know yourself, and then start the love affair.  Wear the rose-colored glasses just like you would for a potential mate, “I’m a little shorter than I’d like, but that’s okay because I have a great sense of humor. ” Stop pulling, pressing, twisting your hair to be something its not and just love it the way it is.  You are not the same as the things that you do.  You are not your courage or your cowardice-you are a person who strives to be courageous, but is sometimes cowardly.  And that is okay. You are enough.

Are you living full or living hungry?  What are your thoughts on enough being enough?


2 Responses to “Living Full”

  1. Katrina Howell November 16, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    Good posting Jess. I am blessed to be in the state I am in now. I have a man in my life who I trust, and while I am still working on the trust thing, I at least acknowledge that I have had a serious trust issue in the past and I make a conscious effort to work on my trust issue for the immediate and definitely for the future. I do not believe that are relationship is 50/50. My mother as well as other strong women I considered as extensions of my mother, taught me to find a man and handle the relationship 75/25 with the 75 being on his side. If not a full 75, at least “make sure he loves you more than you love him.” While I fully believe that love and trust is something that is well within our control because God granted us full will, I have decided to spend my time doing other things in this relationship that trying to manage and judge who loves the other too much or too less. I trust him and I have told him so and he worked hard to gain my trust because he KNEW from the beginning why I had trust issues in the first place.

    I also trust him because I believe he and I are on similar paths with God. Knowing that he believes in the Father like I do makes me feel safe, secure, and comfortable with trusting him with all of me. I have never found that connection with any other male in my life so this is trusting thing is new for me but it is something that I choose to do.

  2. GG November 16, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    I bookmarked this post. i agree with every word and just like you said, I could have read this a couple years ago and understood it but not internalized it. Right now, I’m in the sweet spot of facing this in my life and I’m able to internalize it and apply it. I’m reprogramming my thoughts and “digging with my hands through hard soil until I find the reason”…(who said that?!?) Because I won’t allow anything to block or even dim my joy.

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