Rinse, repeat

24 Nov

Do you have the same problems you had a year ago?  If so, why? What has you stuck?  Time marches forward, so does life-so in your stagnation, you’ve fallen behind.  Where are you? Where did you stop? Who paused you? Why are you still there? How long have you been there? If you are living a past moment, in a mindset of that which has passed it has paused you and you cannot see the present accurately because you are seeing it through the mindset of then.

We can only produce what we harvest. If we have stayed in the mindset and the moment of our past, then we will continue to produce it.  If you are angry you will produce things of anger.   “Why do all these poor people keep finding me?” “Because your SPIRIT says BROKE!” We must live presently.  Yes, you were broke-but are you now? Are you fed? Are you safe? Do you have shelter? Look around at how life and circumstance has changed while you’ve been stuck in the moment of then.  You’re missing the post important point, you lived through it!  Why do we cry over things that we have victory over? We lived through that. We prospered over that. We got away from that. Press Play.

“I distinctly remember forgetting about that,” do not dwell on the event (divorce, rape, molestation, bankruptcy etc) it happened, but we survived and we continue to.  “But he hurt me,” yes he did, and you lived through it.  You stand here today defining your entire being, essence, and direction on someTHING that happenED.  It is over now.  Allow yourself to move forward.  You cannot change the past, but your present dictates your future so be here now and have a say.

A friend of mine told me that life does not allow us to fail a test, it gives it repeatedly until we pass.  If your life seems all too familiar, ask yourself what the lesson is to be learned.  Life, what are you trying to teach me?  That thing that happened that paused you, what is there to gain from it?  It cannot be taken back, it cannot be rectified or altered, but we are different because of it, how and why?   Get familiar with you, now.

Do not take this as a lecture to forget, because it isn’t.  Quite the contrary.  Do remember, but remember how you survived it.  Remember how you prospered despite it.  Remember how you lived, and live still.  Then, when the nostalgia wears off…continue.


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