I deserve…

17 Dec

Something that I started doing with a few of my clients is challenging them to examine the things in their life.  Having them look at how they are compromising, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and talking to them about setting firm standards.  I call it the perfect pizza theory.  Those things that you deserve most in the world (happiness, love, peace, health, etc) are the toppings on your perfect pizza, and if you accept things that do not exemplify your standard then you’re settling for cold cheese pizza.

Start asking yourself, What do I deserve?

  • To be fit and in shape
  • To have a man that love and supports me
  • To have a family that comforts me

These things equal a spinach pizza with sundried tomatoes (my favorite pizza).

In my life if I am unfit, and out of shape, have a man that says he loves me but I do not feel it, or always doubts my abilities, and I have a family that brings me stress, then in my life I am accepting cold, cheese pizza.

Are you settling for cheese pizza?  Think about the things that you deserve, write them down, and then tell yourself that anything BUT those things is like getting a plain, cold, nasty old cheese pizza (because it IS) and don’t let settling spoil your appetite for life! 


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