Farewell to…

18 Dec

A few years ago, I wrote a letter to all the people and things I wanted to leave behind in the old year.  I found that each year I’d come back to this letter and think of new things and people to address it to.  While I’m sure we all thing of the things we want to do differently in the new year, what about the things that we’ve been doing that just don’t work?  We’d do well just not to do them anymore. That in itself is a step in the right direction…here’s my letter, but try writing your own.  A letter to counterproductivity, self-doubt, or bad relationships…fill in your blanks and here’s to progress.

Dear (insert person/thing),

While the time we have spent together has been memorable, I think it is best that I carry on into the New Year without you. I know you’re probably wondering why, especially since we always, seemingly, have so much fun but truth be told I believe that I’ve outgrown you. That is not to say that you are not mature it is just to say that we have both grown, yet in different directions. Maturity is delaying hedonistic impulses for long-term satiation and it is my sincere belief that you fall into my ‘hedonistic impulses’ category. I do wish you well in life and with others, and I would appreciate it if after this letter we kept our contact at a minimum. Of course I will never forget you, nor do I regret any part of our time spent together as everything is a lesson learned. For what good is falling down if you don’t pick something up? I think that if you really think about it, you’ll agree and let me go without a fight. The song says, Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind… I know I’ll be tempted to call on you when I hear a certain song or see something that reminds me of us, but I pray that I’ll be strong enough to resist temptation as I now know that life is more than I’ve been making of it. So dear friend, I wish you well and please know that its not you, its not me, its us. We have reached our expiration date and friendship spoiled. It is time to put away the childish things, and thus I say farewell.




One Response to “Farewell to…”

  1. Lucy Dazilma December 20, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    My my my! I’m gonna have to hold onto this letter for future reference.

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