4 Jan

Fortitude is a word that came to me in a reading from Write Curl Diary, and for some reason it just stuck out to me.  I mulled over the meaning…the virtue of fortitude, or courage, is firmness of spirit, steadiness of will in doing good despite obstacles in the performance of our daily duty. It suppresses inordinate fear and curbs recklessness. A firm spirit…fearless…recklessness abandoned? Is this not everything I want in my life right now?

In lieu of the traditional New Year’s Resolution I told myself I was going to make monthly goals.  I am going to make a health goal, a career goal, and a personal one each month and I’m going to work towards increasing my patience all year long.  In addition to that I think I also want to work on fortitude.  Being courageous enough to be great, to shake off feelings of being overwhelmed, to be present in my moments and not dwell nor ruminate.  I see so much potential in myself.  I look at how much I have changed in the last two years and know that so much more is possible.

I have always found charm in the pondering, “Can you stand to be blessed?”  As tongue-in-cheek as it is, it is also very sincere.  Do you have fortitude? Do you have the courage to embrace the gifts and blessings that are being given to you? Fortitude is exactly what I want in my life. It perfectly describes the things that I am working towards and it is a summation of my present personal goals.  I feel like in one word the universe spoke to me and recognized my wants as possible and probable.  I was stirred in a way, simply researching the word, that made me warm and sure of myself; appreciating my acknowledgement.

Have you ladies come across a word that encompasses where you want to be in your life?  Sometimes one word is hard to find that tells a whole story, but other times its as easy as breathing.  What is your word?


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