Examining the state of Broke

10 Jan

I’ve found myself having this conversation with many people over the past few days, and it occured to me that perhaps it needs to be addressed publicly.  This state of being broke (poor, financially unstable, between blessings) or however you choose to guise it.  There are times each of us will face when we have less financial means than we require.

One little car, medical, house, family emergency has the power to completely derail even the most carefully planned budgets.  Not all of us are on our Suze Orman 6-month savings plans yet!  Or perhaps you’re in school and aren’t generating any full time income that allows you to save quite yet.  Whatever the case may be, most everyone at some point will say the words, “Sorry, I can’t. I’m broke.”

We will sacrifice clothes, dining out, social activities, trips, and sometimes even dreams because we cannot afford to indulge.  Some people, the second payday arrives will compensate for the time they spent broke and will buy everything they’ve been dreaming up and will likely find themselves back in the comfort of Brokeness sooner than they wished.  That is an example of living hungry.  However, have you ever considered that being broke is the blessing you keep praying for?  That there’s something here, right now that you’re supposed to be getting and you are missing it being too focused on what-ifs and whens.  Ask yourself the following:

  • What am I lacking? Are you safe? Fed? In good health? Loved? Really…what are you doing without right now?
  • How did I get here?  Did you over spend this month? Did you get set back by something unexpected? How can you prevent this from happening again?  Fall down, pick something up.
  • How am I getting through this?  This is perhaps the most poignant.  You see because you are, in fact, getting through aren’t you?  The sun still rises and sets and time marches on.  Look at what your life consists of when you are financial downtrodden.  Is it more family time? More time with your favorite hobby (reading/cooking/blogging/sewing/etc) Keep the things that make you happy when you’re broke, because those are the things that truly matter.  You get a little cash and go get your nails done, why? Were you not doing just fine without a french manicure last week?

I think if we really take the time out to focus on the important things, instead of hoping wishing dreaming of that which we LACK, we would be much happier people with much richer lives.  Cherish the immeasurable and the priceless.   The things in stores and shops are just that; things.  They are some company’s best attempt to steal your attention from yourself.  Don’t let it.


2 Responses to “Examining the state of Broke”

  1. ebony28 January 24, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    This is a very powerful post! I am always talking about being broke when the truth is I speak being broke into existence. I have taken steps to improve my financial situation, but I don’t believe those steps are enough. Do you have any suggestions as to getting out of debt and saving money at the same time. Im 28 and by the time Im 32 I want to be debt free and a home owner. Any suggestions will help out greatly!!!


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