10 Feb

Where have I been? Hm..Well waiting for inspiration.  I cannot force myself to write things of value, I have to wait until something worth saying comes to me.  Hopefully that is satisfactory to my waiting readers.  Now, what is the above picture? The Na’Vi People from the movie Avatar. Hold that thought.

When something resonates with you, my friend Nama says, “It is when your heart recognizes a truth in what you’ve just heard or experiences.”  To further simplify, its when your entire body understands.  You get something not only on a cognitive level, but on some other level as well; sometimes emotionally or spiritually or sometimes a level that is undefinable or indescribable.   That is why I chose this picture.  The way of The People resonated with me so deeply that I cried.  I understood on every level.  Sometimes its something I hear in a lecture, or in a song…once upon a time it was the lyrics to the Amel Larrieux song “Weary” :

I want someone to lift me
Heal my wounds and give me
kisses on my head
Say words that should be said
Fear is not the matter
I would so much rather open up my heart
And lay down my guard

Whatever your heart recognizes as truth will resonate in your body when you encounter it.  Far too often we ignore those feelings, those intuitive pulls or those ringing bells.  We tell ourselves to ignore those feelings of no logical basis and that we’re being unreasonable.  Why? We’re so far removed from the things that happen within our bodies that women hire baby nurses to teach them breastfeeding.   We were made for it!? How can we not know how to do it? Because for so long we ignore and shut down those feelings and dismiss them as unsound, wrong, unwanted, useless.  We live above our necks.  What happens if we don’t?

Lets solve it logically, if …Knowing=Mind+Sight-Heart, then Sight=Knowing+Heart-Mind…if the only way for you to know something is to believe it with your mind then you have to see it with a truth in your heart.  Now I dare you to argue otherwise…


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