Ride or Die?

8 Apr

Just for fun I went to Urban Dictionary to see how they defined “Ride or die chick” and here’s what I found:

A chick that ain’t afraid to be down with her man she’ll do anything her man needs her to do.

‘ride or die chick’ refers to someone who (normally a girl, hence the word chick) is down for everything & anything. Basically down for both the bad and the good.

a girl who is down for her man in any situation. a girl who’s not afraid of throwin down side by side with her man, even if she’s the only female. she’s the girl who rides in tha passenger seat with tea heat ready on her lap & knows all the targets. a ride or die chick cooks for, cleans for, and entertains her man by any means necessary (source).

If you are like me and are a visual learner then please see:

I had a conversation with some intelligent women last night and the conclusion we came to was that, we canNOT be anybody’s “ride or die chick.”  As a woman with goals and ambitions, maturity and a promising future I cannot and will not jeopardize any of that as a consequence of someone else’s poor decisions.  Now no, I don’t know Tiny and TI’s relationship and I don’t want to claim to.  I do know that Tiny is a mother, I know that she has small children who depend on her for their livelihood and so I have to wonder why a mother would be willing to take the wrap for her man leaving her children parentless.  I then have to ask myself would he do the same for me if the tables were turned? But I come to the conclusion that, the tables would not be turned because I would not put myself in such situations.

The moral of the ride or die story is that anyone worth your while would not put you in a situation where you would need to sacrifice yourself for their mistakes.  Any man worth having does not need a “ride or die chick.” A supporting woman, yes, a woman who loves and nurtures him, yes, but a woman willing to bear HIS cross? No.  Increasingly you will see young women risking their future for men and I have to ask myself is this the new trend in relationships? Is my husband going to expect me to go to jail for him if  necessary? Because if that’s the case let me just prepare to be single.

What do you guys think about the “ride or die chick?”


One Response to “Ride or Die?”

  1. Brownbelle April 9, 2011 at 2:23 am #

    I agree, they can keep that ride or die stuff. Because as far as I’m concerned, anybody who is willing to follow me into foolishness that will have nothing but negative consequences for my life is not for me. People who really love you try to stop you from doing stupid stuff, not encourage it!

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