Spirit liquidation, EVERYTHING must go!

8 Apr

Sometimes I feel as though this is what many women are saying in their relationships.  Take everything! Take my ambition! Take my joy! Take my laughter! Take my drive! EVERYTHING must go!  The thing is, what are they getting in return?  Giving away such precious things for pennies on the dollar; what are you gaining?

The old saying goes “If you knew better, you’d do better,” but I often wonder how valid this statement is.  When I hear women say, “I know I could do better, but…” or “I know I should break up with him, but…” I have to assume that these women know better and just aren’t doing better.  I can’t wrap my head around why though, and not for lack of trying.

Is it low self esteem?

Is it low self worth?

Is it ignorance?

I believe that every relationship platonic and otherwise must undergo regular appraisal.  We must look at that other person and access what they give and take away from our life.  We must look at our unit and calculate the contribution.

And what about our core needs? It is okay to have needs.  If you need a man that is a provider does that mean he is always in control of the money? If you need a man that is a protector does that mean that he is controlling of your company, or overly jealous? Some women find that to be cute, I find it to be stifling and insecure.  What is for me, though, is not for everybody.  You must discern the things that you need in a relationship and you must not accept anything less than that.  Also, do self-appraisal. Why do you need the things you need?  Is it due to your own personal insecurities or shortcomings? Is that a need that someone else can fulfill or are you looking for an external answer to an internal problem?

Before you put everything on clearance sale, check the books. Do an audit, and find out whats there before you give it away.


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