Inspiration and Infinity

18 Apr

Lately I’ve had a sort of love affair with dandelions. They have become symbolic for both the most beautiful and the most terrifying things in life; possibilities. I remember being a kid and thinking they were the most beautiful things, up until someone told me they were weeds. Disgusting that someone’s bitter “reality” has to taint a child’s vision.

I had lunch with a friend of mine recently and in speaking at the time quite literally she said, “I’m afraid to dream.” It felt like a thunder clap went off in my head. I was blown away at the depth of such a statement, that I had to redirect our conversation back to it. I called her attention back to what I felt was monumentally insightful, but I’m not sure she saw it the same way. It stayed with me all weekend and nagged me enough to where I finally had to write about it…being afraid to dream. For many of us, self included at some point in time, there is nothing more scary than possibility. To say it out loud doesn’t it sound like such a silly thing?

What if I fail? (What if you succeed?)

What if my heart gets broken? (What if you fall in love?)

What if I hate it? (What if you don’t?)

We talk ourselves out of the most beautiful journeys by siding with fear and doubt. I see us as dandelions. We are filled with possibility and if we ignore the world (who believes us to be weeds) and go with the wind, we find ourselves in the most beautiful of places, experiencing the most amazing things. I am not responsible for living up to other people’s expectations of me. When I find myself saying “I can’t” I make myself answer “Why not.” Who says? Who is setting the rules for my life? If it is anyone other than me, then they’re wrong. And what if it is me? What if I am limiting myself ? I’ll tell you this much…being “realistic” is the quickest road to mediocrity I know.

At one point in my life, I too was afraid to dream. I was terrified of the things that I was capable of, and of what people would think of me, what family would think of me, and of failure. Something funny happened when I stopped entertaining doubt; I am not sure if things stopped being so scary, or if I simply got braver, but I will say that things have unfolded quite nicely.

So my message to you, whomever comes across these words today, tomorow and the next day is to live your life limitless. Do not be afraid to dream because that is where brilliance is conceived. Someone fabulous once said, “I constantly remind myself that in order to be who I am called to be I have to let go of who I think I am.” My friend (another friend from lunch) affirmed that. There is no prototype for success, or guideline of perfection. We define those, and if you don’t fit into your own definition then CHANGE IT! The power we have over our own lives is astounding, and we choose to ignore it because then that would mean accepting the fact that we are also responsible for our own misery. You do not have to be miserable. Nothing is stopping you except for you.


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