The Truth about Truth

22 May
  1. Be Present
  2. Tell the truth
  3. Let go of the consequences of telling the truth

I will carry with me these lessons for as long as I live, because with them comes a profound sense of freedom and power.  They fit together to give you everything you need to get through.  Consider the first, be present.  You have to be in the now to know what’s going on.  Being present can be especially hard when times are tough.  We tend not to like pain, discomfort, hurt, loneliness, anger, etc. but get used to it.  Don’t make it your home, but acknowledge its existence and its current presence in you.  Do not be afraid to say “I’m scared,” or “I’m lonely,” if you are, then you are.  Until you acknowledge it you can’t begin to change it.

Tell the truth.  Whatever it is, if its true for you at this moment this it is the truth and it deserves attention.  Sometimes we berate ourselves and tell ourselves that we shouldn’t be sad/angry/hurt, but you are!  It does not mean you have to stay that way.  In a relationship sometimes we feel some of our concerns are minuscule or trifles, but no! If we feel it then it is worth addressing.  Tell the truth, and start by telling it to yourself.

Let go of the consequences of telling the truth because you can’t control things.  You can not control life.  Things work as they should, not as we would have them, sometimes the two align, sometimes they don’t.  If someone gets upset  by you telling the truth. SO WHAT. Sit with that feeling, and explore it.  Are you regretting telling the truth, or are you simply upset someone is hurting because of it? Its okay to feel sympathy, but don’t apologize for speaking your truth.  I say things in my blogs all the time that are my personal truths.  Sometimes friends and/or family read it and take offense to it, and I tell them I’m sorry you were hurt by what I said, malice is never my intent.  But I never apologize for writing.  This place is essentially where I talk to myself out loud for the world to hear, and I will not apologize for it.  Let go of consequence.

The truth about truth is its addictive.  Once you get a taste of it, you want more.  You seek it out in yourself and you seek it out in other people.  You want to acknowledge it whenever you can because it feels so good to just be honest.


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