Open Books: Power in Purpose and an Assertion of Truth

30 Jun

Last night I was struck with a bit of insomnia.  I was up and reading poetry, browsing through blogs and the sort which lead me to a guest post by Tamala Baldwin on Peace Love and Pretty Things.  Here is an excerpt of her post:

I came across a motivational video featuring Will Smith, and he said, when you are trying to build a wall, you don’t focus on the wall. You focus on laying one brick at a time, perfectly. So in times of doubt, fear and negative thinking, I stop thinking about the overall picture – the big impact – and hone in on laying my own brick for the day perfectly (source).

I loved how much of an open book Tamala was and contacted her immediately via various social media outlets, and we have been chatting back and forth. Our conversations reminded me of the purpose of this blog, as well as part of the purpose of my life. Being an open book is how I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people, learning so many priceless lessons, and get through the past few years.  Why are so many people afraid of sharing their stories?

I sit and think about how many people I know both personally and professionally who have been going through things that they never told anyone about until they were about to break.  By then its overwhelming and all you have is tear soaked pillows, restless nights, either insatiable or nonexistent hunger, and you feel close to surrendering to the misery of the world.  I just wish people spoke up before it got to that point.  I wish more people saw the power in truth, in saying it OUT LOUD to those around them and not being saddled by guilt, or shame.  I wish more people understood their purpose is not solely for themselves, the universe is patiently waiting for you to catch fire, and to spark a fire in others; you cannot do that as an island.


2 Responses to “Open Books: Power in Purpose and an Assertion of Truth”

  1. Ge Ge June 30, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Thank you for sharing this. I recently found your blog and enjoy reading. In my opinion, many people are afraid to share their stories because it means that they would have to face the truth– about themselves and others. In the time of technology, social media, reality bites TV– we make no time for ourselves. Please continue to write, there are many truth seekers waiting for the opportunity to start their truth journals.

  2. allineedismybb July 13, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    I needed this Jess!!! More than you’ll ever know…..

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