21 Jul

Some of us have to learn things the hard way.  Some of us choose to silently struggle because the alternative (opening our mouths, humbling our spirits, and revealing a vulnerability) is not at all appealing.  How long have you allowed yourself to struggle before you broke down and asked for help?

That old adage “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,” has been swarming in my mind all year.  Why is it, I’ve wondered, that we find it so incredibly difficult to ask for help? We beg, plead, and pray for good friends, loving family, a strong support system and then what do we do with them? Give them front row seats to our one-man suffering show?  Why do we have these people in our lives if we do not trust them enough to allow them to help us when we need it?

To take it one step further, do you ever wonder how often someone has had access to the thing you crave, but you missed out on it due to your silence. I hear about job openings all the time because of my current position, and so I tell friends or family about the jobs and let them make the decision to apply or not. There was on friend of mine who needed a job but did not speak up and let anyone know she was unemployed.  She was starting to get behind on bills, constantly anxious about not getting interviews and depleting her savings to  pay rent.  When she finally opened up and revealed her position I was so frustrated because she knows I could have been helping her all along.  Why are we so content to get passed over?

We’re running from our own blessings because we are clinging to pride.  Clinging to this idea that we need to do things for ourselves by ourselves (where did this come from?!).  As for help, and similarly, be of help.  It gives me solace to know that sometimes I will need things from my friends, but other times they will need me and I will gladly help them in any way that I can.

If, in fact, karma is one of the highest universal powers then make it your business to incur as much good karma as you can by doing good deeds.  Do not get passed over for your blessing being overly concerned about things that do not matter.  I  know sometimes we have the ability to help someone who we may personally deem undeserving of our help.  Do it anyway.  Do it because what you do unto others has already been done unto you and you’re in the position to make things better.  You can’t pay it back, so pay it forward.


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