Don’t chase, attract

30 Jul

Maybe two years ago or so I first heard the saying, “What you chase like a thief will run like one.”  Since hearing it, I promise you it has haunted me.  In a good, and frustrating, way.  Two nights ago a friend of mine suggested that I watch the movie The Secret which is more like a documentary based on the book of the same name.  The premise is there is a secret that has been shared among the great figures in history, the aristocracy, and the successful and that secret is the law of attraction.  You need to attract what you want and the universe will supply it.  Sounds too simple, right?  Well little did I know I have been semi living this way for a couple of years (remember ‘if you live like you’re starving you’ll always be hungry?’ same premise).  The theory is that we get more of what we put out.  You may be thinking “i want to be out of debt” but really your thoughts are just consumed with debt, and so you get more of it.  So we must change our thoughts.

That made me think of Liz Gilbert and Eat Pray Love who undoubtedly knows the secret, whether she was aware of it or not.  In the book she made a petition to the universe and at first she was skeptical of her right to even do so, but she had a friend who told her “You are part of this universe, Liz. You’re a constituent–you have every entitlement to participate in the actions of the universe, and to let your feelings be known. So, put your opinion out there. Make your case. Believe me–it will at least be taken into consideration.” And so she did.  As have I, twice before and once again recently.  Then the documentary goes on to say that we will not get what we want until we can be appreciative of what we have.  Again, deja vu as just a 2 months ago I wrote these words:

Oprah was interviewing Maya Angelou and she said, “I had called you crying over something I don’t even remember what anymore but you told me in that moment to stop and say, ‘Thank You,’ say Thank you.” And Maya interjected and said, “yes we must always say thank you because we must let it be known that our faith is unshakeable.So I sat in my complete agony, uncomfortable and crying, praying and just waiting.  I wrote a note to my best friend’s mom and I ended by admitting I didn’t know exactly what I was asking for in my note.  I couldn’t shake Maya’s advice…to say thank you. So I sat until I could find something to be thankful for…I came up with the following offering to God

Thank you for giving me a platform.  Thank you for giving me strength over my vices.  Thank you for the insight to know that this is conquerable.  

Then I stopped crying.  I got out of the ball I was laying in. I got up and stretched and I felt like so much of the weight had been lifted.  Nothing had been solved, no, but sitting in my mudpile and saying Thank You.  That was foreign…foreign and effective.  Maybe I’ll add to my personal mission statement a note to give thanks, even in adversity.

Gratitude.  For all that we have been given, for the clear sight to see that what we have is plenty.  Gratitude to dull the ache of starvation we have for things to in the end, really don’t matter as we have been getting along just fine without them.  Gratitude for a God/Universe that has blessed us abundantly over and over again.  When you sit in that place and you marvel at how wonderful life is, and are filled with thanks that is when things begin to happen.   Ask. Believe. Receive. That’s what The Secret suggests we do.  Then be thankful as if our blessings have already come into fruition because they have.  On August 15, 2010 I wrote the following notes from church:

  • Earth is (3) Firmament is (2) Heaven is (1)
  • All needs have been supplemented but in heaven. It is not faith that creates fulfillment, but faith that moves the invisible to visible. If you need it in (3) He will release it in (1).
  • So why do some prayers go “unanswered”
    • (See Mark 11:24 24Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.)
    • The moment you asked for it, God gave it to you.  If you have not received it, it is caught in (2).
  • Change your voice, SHOUT at the enemy so that your potential be let loose.  If you are poor, ask God for wealth (not to not be poor), and He will give it to you, SHOUT to satan that your blessing not be held up in the firmament.
    • Do not yell at God, do not be angry at God, SHOUT at the enemy. Change the direction of your voice to change the direction of your life.
I laughed as I copy/pasted that because maybe I knew the secret too.  Maybe we all do, but we chalk it up to circumstance or do not pay close enough attention to the signs.  But I’m paying attention now. I’m listening now and I see it now.  So much so that I immediately asked my mother and sister to watch the documentary as well, which they did.  I urge anyone who wants something different in their lives to strongly consider doing something simple and ASKing for it. Then despite all rationale, believe that it will come to you.  Believe it with the entirety of your being.  Continue living a life of grace and gratitude and see if the desires of your heart do not unfold before you.

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